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  • Education for free

  • Both the Modern and Islamic Education

  • Staff development, focusing on classroom practice and teaching techniques, and specialist areas of science, information technology and religious education.

  • Encourage pupils to recognize opportunities as new beginnings' and to rise to challenges.

  • Provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment where the personal worth of every individual can be recognized and developed.

  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum.

  • Analyze assessment data to underpin target setting and further improvements in standards.

  • Encourage mutual respect and understanding, valuing every individual's contribution.

  • Develop every individual's confidence and determination as well as turn weaknesses into strengths.

  • Review the policy, procedures manual, assessment and record keeping.

  • Continue to increase resources with information technology and books.

  • Continue to strengthen a pride in the school's environment and quality of relationships.

  • Continue to strengthen the partnership between school and parents.
Each and every student learn Quran by heart (Hifz). The Quran is taught with English/urdu Translation as well.


 Education for Free
Imam Sadiq (A.S.) is purely non-profit institute that meets its expenses from donations of generous community members. The student per head expenses is $30/month (building rent, staff salaries, uniform, transport, fees, books, scholarships, stationary, printing, utility bills etc.).

Presently school is getting nominal charges but ISF is trying to wave off all the expenses from students with the help of generous and valuable community members.

With grace of Allah, Aima Masoomeen (A.S.) all the education, uniform, transport, books will be free very soon. ISF also desires to give monthly scholarship/stipend to each and every student.

 Video Introduction
We are making a brief but comprehensive video introduction of the Imam Sadiq (A.S.) International School. Inshallah with grace of Allah and Aima Masomeen (A.S.) it will be uploaded Very Soon