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Future Plans

ISF believes in gradual development of the school. The permission of Ministry of Education is up to college level but ISF divided its plan into three phases:

  1. Education Plan

    • Phase-I: Primary School
      This goal has been achieved and going towards it development gradually.

    • Phase-II: Middle/High School
      ISF will promote its primary school to middle and then High School. The detail feasibility of the project is in process. This project is deemed for approximately 3000 students.

    • Phase-III College
      ISF will offer admissions to the students of the whole world who have passed their 10th class or equlant. The talented students will be admitted in this program on open merit basis. This project will be setup for approximately 1500 students at start and will be optimized gradually with due course of time.

  2. The first and foremost plan of the school is to wave off all the fees, transport, uniform, books etc expenses of the students.n merit basis. This project will be setup for approximately 1500 students at start and will be optimized gradually with due course of time.

  3. We are trying to make the video lectures + books of all the courses to be taught at school. Our professionals are working day and night to accomplish this target.

  4. Due to rapid increase of the students the building became small. If we changed the different buildings then will not be able to set its furniture and fixture for each building. The purchase or construction of Education Complex (building) is very necessary.

  5. The school intends to purchase minimum 7 busses to pick and drop the students.
The community members of different cities at Iran is requesting to open the branches of the school at their cities as The ISIS is the first English Medium School for foreigners that is registered from the Ministry of Education, Islamic Republic of Iran. Inshallah with the grace of Allah, Aima Masoomeen (A.S.) and the community members, the different branches will start their operations very soon.

 Education for Free
Imam Sadiq (A.S.) is purely non-profit institute that meets its expenses from donations of generous community members. The student per head expenses is $30/month (building rent, staff salaries, uniform, transport, fees, books, scholarships, stationary, printing, utility bills etc.).

Presently school is getting nominal charges but ISF is trying to wave off all the expenses from students with the help of generous and valuable community members.

With grace of Allah, Aima Masoomeen (A.S.) all the education, uniform, transport, books will be free very soon. ISF also desires to give monthly scholarship/stipend to each and every student.

 Video Introduction
We are making a brief but comprehensive video introduction of the Imam Sadiq (A.S.) International School. Inshallah with grace of Allah and Aima Masomeen (A.S.) it will be uploaded Very Soon